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About The Intrasign Project

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Making A Safer Internet For All

The Intrasign Project was founded on the belief that Internet safety is a modern human right. Especially in the time of this pandemic, eCommerce is becoming heavily prevalent in our daily lives. Small businesses and individuals should be afforded with basic anti-fraud and identity theft protections regardless of their economic status or ability to pay.

We are the developers of IntraShield, our proprietary, invite-only anti-fraud software currently in beta. IntraShield automatically screens online transactions through an API for risk factors using our industry-first “credit card integrity check”, IP address integrity check, fingerprint check, ID verification check, phone verification check, and more.

Our “industry-first” credit card integrity check is unlike any other offered by any commercial anti-fraud service.

From 2020, our credit card integrity services have:

Fully identified more than 0 unique victims of fraud and identity theft being sold on black marketplaces

Taken more than $0 in trafficked access devices off the streets through federal law enforcement partnerships

Protected more than 0 stolen identities through our in-house and affiliated services

The Leadership Team

Aden Dragulescu

Aden Dragulescu
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Acting Executive Director

As a Computer Systems Engineering student at the University of Georgia, Aden brings more than 7 years of experience working in IT fields specializing primarily in computer networking technologies. At 15 years old, he founded telecommunications company Fiberdrop, LLC. which served small business clients from around the country and today still operates its own autonomous system network (AS395033).

As Chairman of the Board and Acting Executive Director, Aden oversees the day-to-day operations of The Intrasign Project, bringing his expertise and passion for emerging technologies to help fulfill the organization’s mission in making the Internet a safer place for all.


Jonathan Nguyen

Jonathan Nguyen
Member, Board of Directors

Jonathan started his first cloud computing business at the age of 14, turning an initial $350 investment to over $300,000 in annual revenue within 3 years of operation before selling the company’s assets to focus on his education.

After a brief time at Johnson & Wales University, Jonathan left to pursue his dreams of being an entrepreneur and set out to make a difference. In the time since, Jonathan worked for different technology companies in several senior operations roles. Notably, Jonathan served as Sr. Network Operations Specialist for the national “.cm” ccTLD registry (Netcom SARL) overseeing the acquisition and buildout of a $2 million Tier-3 BGP network. After a stint in working in Corporate America for PC Connection Sales Corp, Jonathan resigned to focus on The Intrasign Project for the greater good.

Michael Onofrio

Michael Onofrio
Member, Board of Directors

Michael is one who truly believes that people come first. A native of Hawaii, he grew up in an affluent environment that pushes the ideals of giving back by helping others through charity and philanthropy.

As the Managing Director for Crosspoint Designs, Michael brings to the table years of experience in web development, graphic design, and cloud computing technologies.

Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering and Design from Johnson & Wales University and is a Master of Education candidate at the University of Hawaii. He is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Brian Schoech

Brian Schoech
Vice President, Donor Relations
Member, Board of Directors

If something needs to be sold, you can count on Brian to do it. As a senior sales representative, Brian ranked in one of KIA’s top 20 sales performers in the United States for 3 years in a row.

Brian brings his sales and marketing talent to The Intrasign Project to help keep our flagship service lines on the map.

Eric Walstrom

Eric Walstrom
Senior Advisor to the Board
Vice President, Engineering

As a CUNY-educated technical prodigy from a young age, Eric became famous at the age of 16 for defeating the New York Department of Education’s server infrastructure security with advanced computer programming techniques.

Eric worked in various contract roles as a senior technology operations engineer for local companies in his hometown of New York before embarking on a journey to his research degree in Computer Science.

As Vice President of Engineering for The Intrasign Project, Eric helps lead the design, development, and maintenance of IntraShield, our flagship anti-fraud software.


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